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Have you ever felt oddly out of place somewhere that should be more, familiar? I’ve never felt more alien then on my third trip to China visiting the Hunan province in a little town called Chengdu. This little town was my origins. Like much of China it had become more urbanized and like much of China it was unrecognizable to me. Seventeen years and six months ago I was adopted by Colleen Colbert, and Joel Carreiro from an orphanage in a little town called Chengdu. As I walked up to the building it was a large well built building with electricity, functioning toilettes and playgrounds. I soon learned this was my orphanage 2.0, they rebuilt a larger and better accommodated building for the growing number of kids in search for a different kind of family. The building that I slept and played in was not in use and near rice fields where water buffalo roamed nearby. It was a medium, shoebox shaped building, brown from time and rust. I wanted a port key to take me someplace familiar, even the hotel room felt more homely. And yet I walked along my old grounds with my mom and was told how I lived as a baby and who I was before I could remember. It was strange to hear about my life in someone else’s perspective and for the first time. My adopted mom and dad couldn’t tell me who I was for the first 18 months of my life as they were thousands of miles away and hadn’t known me apart from a cute 4 by 4 picture of a very smiley yet chubby Chinese baby. As I endured the sweltering heat

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