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I'm going to describe a girl for you, try to keep up. Long light brown hair, vintage classy glasses, one lonely dimple on the lower part of her mouth, soft pale skin, stone cold stare, and a dry sense of humor. Can you picture her? Well if you can, then you’ve basically just met me. I usually try to force a smile, wait no scratch that– I used to try to force a smile. Now I'm not saying this so that you can view me as unhappy or negative, but in all fairness who has a smile as their natural way of expression. By all means, my personality, interests, and hobbies are the fundamental building blocks to the life I choose to live.
Is it too cliche to say that I am a teenage girl with big insecurities, an addiction with comparing myself to others, and deepening trust issues? Well if it is, then add being cliche to the list. I guess you can say my insecurities originate from the fact that my biggest critic is my own mother. From the earliest years of elementary up till this present day, it was either my wardrobe, my posture, or my way of speaking that gained the attention of my mother's judgmental eye. Eventually, the criticism started to slip out of my own mouth, and that’s when I began to compare myself to others. I’m not oblivious to how unhealthy this makes me, but when I am told that I need to be better (basically my entire life), it’s easy to fall into unhealthy habits. Speaking of unhealthy habits, having trust issues seems to be my main one. As I grew older and entered the

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