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Toshaina has the biggest heart, she would hand it away to anyone who inquired. Moreover, she is generous, patient and possesses a magnificent sense of humor. She constantly reminds me of sunflowers, she can brighten up anybody’s day by simply speaking to them. Her power to continue strong in whatever situation is mind blowing. Her biggest motto was too always “be better than me” I would think to myself “how when you’re already so freaking great” but she assured me that she’s not and wasn’t at my years. She invariably delivered on a fresh pair of Jordan’s and polo outfit she felt like you couldn’t wear one without the other. The color she wore the most was yellow, being born a Jamaican she always enjoyed the color since birth.
Toshainas beauty was so manifest. She has light brown eyes that could light up any dark ocean, her skin was extremely well-defined and she bore the color of brown sugar, her hair was unusually massive & curly it has been considered as a composition of broccoli on her mind. Every time she smiled her cheeks turned so red it made you desire to pinch her cheeks and give them for chips. She grew up in the Sunny city Jacksonville, FL on the Southside. The neighborhood kids always looked upward to her as their big sister; also, because she was a giant and they were afraid of her. Those long legs are lean & mean so high you were literal glancing up at the Eiffel tower. She strolled so elegant it’s extremely engaging to watch. Her fingers could glide through

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