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Sitting on the soft sand, I look out over the ocean. The deep indigo blue waters roll onto the beach in sets of white top waves, making a soothing sound as they crash against the shore. I sit there, listening to the the sounds of the ocean, the slight breeze brushes my skin and the salty air fill my lungs. I feel a sense of calmness, a feeling I haven’t felt in years. A spot of pink in the water catches my eye. Then another appears, followed by another, follow by hundreds, until the indigo waters are covered in spots of a softly coloured pink. Standing, I make my way down towards the water. I wonder what these spots could be. Feeling the coolness of the water lap at my toes, I watch as a lone pink spot rolls in on small wave, floating up next to me. It’s a blush pink David Austen Rose. The same roses that line the walk away out at Pierce’s Landing. Smiling, I pick it up. Looking at it in awe, before watching the rest of the roses float in the water. A loud knock wakes me from the deepest sleep I’ve had in a while. Running my hand across the firm chest that I’m nestled into, I smile to myself. This, laying in bed with Jacob’s arms around me, feels too damn good. “Who the hell is knocking at your door this early?” Jacobs mumbles, reminding me why I’m awake. As if on cue the knocking presumes. “Um, morning you two. Sorry to interrupt, no doubt your enjoying some much needed sleep but Jacob Honey your phone hasn’t stopped ringing. I think you should answer it,” says Mum,

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