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Bleep! Bleep! Bleep! My eyes snap open and for a split second my surroundings confuse me. It’s not long though until I recognize just where I am. The Clarion Hotel in Brown County, Indiana. Someone across the room pounds the wailing alarm clock until all you can here is the air vents tranquil humming (personification). Eventually Captain comes around and raps on the door until we heave ourselves out of bed. It’s so early in the morning, everything around us was a blur of movement as we piled onto the bus, each of us covered in heavy layers over our crimson cross country uniforms. Most of the team crams into the back with earbuds stuffed into their ears to block out the noise, but not me. I’m up towards the front decked out in baggy grey sweatpants that practically swallowed my torso and three layers of shirts to block out the frigid morning air. No one can tell if I’m warm or not though, because all I can do is bounce my leg up and down and up and down. I’m sure if Captain didn’t have the heat blasting I would have driven anyone in earshot absolutely nuts. Can you really blame me though? Me, this tiny little freshman, getting to run with the big dogs. I could run the whole way there and back I’m so excited!(hyperbole) When we finally arrive, everyone gathers their belongings and waddles off the bus. Backpacks weighing down our shoulders and plush blankets piled in our arms, we make our way to the tent. As soon as we we there, blankets are spread out over the tarp and

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