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Everyone usually needs a place to destress and relax from their hectic lives, somewhere to loosen up. When I need to unwind, I head to Colorado. Although I truly love every part of the state, Durango is one of my most favorite places to visit. This calm town found in the southwestern part of the state close to the New Mexico border. My family usually stays in a secluded cabin somewhere off the beaten path, where we can take it easy, enjoy each other and make the best memorie. Some days during our trip I just appreciate sitting outdoors and capturing all the beauty and sounds of nature. Just before going outside I put on many layers to stay snuggly warm. However when I decide to brave the brutal winter air and step out onto the covered veranda, I am still shocked by the brisk winter air. The sheet of white almost blinds me, the fresh white powder covering all the mountains in the distance, frosting all the leaves on the trees like icing on a cake. When I look up I can detect an untouched layer atop the cabin roof and glass like icicles dangling from the edge. When the sun peeks out behind the fluffy clouds there is a sparkle that reflects off the pure white snow, it is completely beautiful. Stepping off the porch, I feel a massive gust of crisp wintry air and I hear a crunch when the top layer of crust breaks and I disappear through the layers of snow. Thank goodness I put on my fuzzy socks and insulated boots before I braved the freezing outdoor temperatures. No

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