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A couple of days before Thanksgiving break, my cousin, whose name is Jae, suggested to me that there was a party a close friend of hers was throwing. I reluctantly agreed since I had to write about my experience of a party for my essay. Fast forward to the day of the party, around 7 in the afternoon, my cousin drove us to her friend’s house. What I saw really made me nervous because I am socially awkward person. If it’s a new place with new people, I tend to have sweaty hands, my heart beats fast, and sometimes I stutter badly. I digress back to the subject, in front of us was a huge gathering of people and cars parked on both sides of the street leading up to a somewhat big light blue house. Seeing this I told Jae that I didn’t know these many people would be here, otherwise, I most likely wouldn’t have gone. She assured me that it would be fine and calmed me a bit before we got out of her car and walked through the thick crowd of young adults.Then as my cousin and I entered the unusually small doorway of the house. We observed our surroundings, me trying to find a more secluded spot, and I’d assumed Jae was looking the host of this larger than a necessary house party. I stayed close to my cousin as we weaved in and out of groups of people. She was speaking to the people that she knew at the party and tried to introduce me to them, but since I’m not much of a big conversationalist, the discussions mostly just ended in a few awkward words. It left me a little embarrassed

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