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Essay about parties ,

While a lot of people think that spending a lot of money on arranging birthday and wedding celebrations are just a waste of time, others think that parties are really important for the community. Both sides are strongly debated and have to be discussed carefully before giving an opinion.
Some people argue that celebrating their special events is very crucial for several reasons. Firstly , happy moments have to be memorized to give us hope in hard days. For example, birthday parties can motivate children and younger ones to do better and to feel determined . Secondly ,Some moments are really precious as it happens once in lifetime .For instance , Wedding parties .lets imagine a couple after 20 years of marriage and they`re still remembering the funny parts of their wedding. Another example is celebration parties . I remember when I was 22 , I feel so excited to see the pride in the eyes of my mom when I receive my graduation …show more content…

If people want to know different cultures and understand how they`re thinking, they definitely need a common language .Here`s come English again. If a Kid want to make new friendships from different countries, he is not in need to learn hundreds of tongues. It`s just English will prepare his way.

Finally, for tourism and traveling to the most beautiful countries, one is in extreme need for learning English. For example, once I was traveling for Spain, I didn`t know anything about the best places to visit or how to approach people but English eased my way. Also, for Immigration purposes , people have to study the history of the country they intended to immigrate to .That`s why English is a top priority.
To Summarize, learning English will help the new generation to communicate ,study and travel . It will open the doors of the world .for the above mentioned reasons , I strongly support oppose learning other foreign language before English. Essay about learning

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