Descriptive Essay: Serial Killers

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It was 8:03 on a Sunday morning when I met Candace at the local diner. Her red hair, fair skin and freckled face intrigued me the moment my eyes met with hers. She reminded me of someone I was once particularly close to, but her face wasn’t familiar to me. She was new here. She slowly walked over and placed her right hand on the table. It looked dry, and her red nail polish was diminishing. She looked nervous, tense. “Hello sir, how is your morning? What can I get you?” she said quickly, moving a strand of hair behind her ear smiling lightly. I took a moment to reply, observing her carefully. She was a smoker. Her hair seemed thin and she had slightly stained teeth. There were small wrinkles appearing on the skin near her mouth and her young …show more content…

They don’t just kill without a pattern. There’s always almost something that draws them towards that one person. There’s a specific reason he chose each of these young women. You even said yourself that they all quite resemble one another, didn’t you?” “Yes, I did.” “Exactly. Do you know what defines a serial killer, Candace?” “Not quite. What?” She said attentively. “Serial killers kill at least 3 people. He would be seen as doing this for his own psychological gratification. How many girls are shown on the newspaper, Candace?” “3.” she replied. “What does this look like to you, now- Candace?” I questioned. “There’s a killer on the loose” she mumbled in fear. “Sir, are you a cop” she suspected. I smiled. Her foolish response caused me to silently snicker. “Not quite.” I replied. I took a few more sips from my coffee. Candace stood up, still in disbelief of her recent discovery. “What time do you get off work, Candace?” I asked, finishing my last sip of remaining coffee before placing it down on the table. “9:00, they’ve got me workin’ overtime.” She replied apprehensively. “Live far from here?” I interrogated. “No, sir. Not at all. I walk here and I walk home” Carefully, I sit up from my seat. I grab the wallet from the jacket, and placed 10 dollars on the

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