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Unconventional Experience
Nineteen years ago I was born in a little town in southern New Jersey called Manahawkin. It is a tourist town, and even today is genuinely only known for the island that it is attached to, and even saying that it is “known” is a stretch. Typically, tourists do not even know the name of my town while driving through it. When I arrived at college, I had to constantly answer the question of where I am from. Eventually I learned to just fib a little and say that I am from “Long Beach Island” because people can at least recognize that name. Mentioning the irrelevancy of my town should give you an indicator of what this place was like. Growing up, my home always felt like some sort of flawless utopian town. This is …show more content…

There were of course uniforms which stunted all sorts of self-expression, and every Wednesday morning we had chapel. Science classes consisted of playing with crawfish and the only book we ever read for class was the Holy Bible. If I had continued to be enrolled there up until my high school years, my views of the world would have been entirely different. So not only had I grown up in a school that basically only educated me on the word of God, I also was living in a fairly uniform town. It felt like I was living in a box. I knew that outside of Manahawkin there were places that were the exact opposite. Places where people of all different colors and lifestyles walked down the streets. Places that stimulated me, that could educate me on the issues of the world. In little Manahawkin, I had none of that. I decided that if I was not going to learn from experience, I was going to have to learn through books. At this point in my life I had already been a pretty avid reader. Even when I was a toddler I had attempted to read which was exposed through some home videos showing me pretending to read an upside down book. I blame this all on my mother. She was the reader of the family. Growing up she would always be reading around the house and I constantly wanted to be just as smart as her so I started reading, too. Slowly it became one of my favorite pastimes. It was always so amusing

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