Descriptive Language In Hamlet

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The utilization of descriptive language is important for the writer to entertain, persuade and teleport the reader into their work. Descriptive use and imagery allow the reader to experience the setting, sound, taste, and mood as if they can live through it. Which takes us to Shakespeare's play Hamlet. Not only does he utilize exceptional details and imagery throughout the play between the characters, but the way he uses word allows us to put ourselves into the play as if we can feel what they feel. It also allows us to experience and go through the play as if we are in it also. So in this paper, I would like to focus on a few major moments where I believe Shakespeare descriptive language is the strongest.
The first example of how Shakespeare uses descriptions and imagery in his play was showing how Hamlet expresses himself over his mother's remarriage. Hamlet states "Thing rank and gross in nature" with that it is obvious he finds it disgusted that his mother was about to remarry to her dead husband's brother. Hamlet also said that " she would hang on him as if increase of appetite grown", making it somehow seem as if he saw his mother as an aminal feeding off of attention, love, power and just desperate for a companion. if he did not opinionate his thought on this remarriage enough he verbally expressed to his mother, "you have my father much offended" which basically tells her that when she married her uncle it was offensive on his deceased father.
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