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The Graduation As i peered over a mob of people I started to get nervous.Then the speaker said for everyone to get their boys and as soon as he said that , everybody started running to find their Marines. As i sprinted towards my brothers direction,I caught a glimpse of his face and yelled his name. When he looked at me i knew i would never forget this precious moment.My trip to San Diego to see my brothers was one of the best trips ever. It was the beginning of summer break in June, I could feel my heart beating faster every second as i sat down in my seat on the airplane.I looked out the window excited to see the ground get smaller as the plane leaves the Earth's surface.We were heading to the Golden State to see my brother graduate from U.S Marine Corps Base Camp In San Diego California. I have two brothers, Thomas and Philip. A month before june i was attending Philips graduation. We landed and stepped out into the air where it smelled like a fresh sea breeze. It was a perfect combination with the sun shining and the wind blowing in your face,it felt like paradise.We first explored Balboa Park and it was a beautiful garden. Then we went to various restaurants which were mostly sea food. At the end of the big day we came to our hotel and enjoyed the pleasant view from the balcony. On the second day it was time to see my brother Thomas. After just minutes of driving we made it to our destination, The USMC Base Camp. First was the Moto run Aka ( Motivational Run). What

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