Descriptive Speech About Cheer

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Why would I fear what was so familiar, so natural to now be so peculiar? I have always cheered, since I could remember. When I first began it felt so easy tome. I learned quickly and advanced faster than the others. Cheer became a hobby - something I looked forward too. I never thought about coaching but could I really? On Monday August 28, 2017 two very big things happened in my life. I started my first day of highschool and also did something that would impact me for the rest of my life. Around five forty-five p.m I began to get ready. For what, you may ask. Today was my first day of coaching cheer. Cheer is very important to me, I hold it very close to my heart. Cheering is something that I have always done. It was the first thing that I felt like was meant for me. My stomach has a thousand butterflies in it. Flapping their wings so fast as if they were trying to get to a beautiful, sweet flower. I had no idea why I felt this way. Why was I nervous?
“I am a great cheerleader, you got this girl” I coached myself confidently. On the inside I was everything but confident. I felt cowardly, I didn’t want to coach anymore. Was I being fearful of a group of three to twelve year olds?
“Wow what have you come to?” I disappointedly said to myself with a twisted face of confusion.
“It is not that hard Amaiya, just go out there confidently and show them what you got.” I assured myself. I then took a deep breath and finished getting ready. I walked downstairs slowly plaguing my

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