Informative Essay About Cheerleading

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The Truth About Cheerleading The media has created a stereotype for cheerleaders. The way that cheerleaders have been portrayed in the media has made cheerleading one of the most disrespected and underrated sports in the industry. The media has made cheerleaders out to be the unintelligent, mean girls, that no one likes. It has portrayed cheerleading itself to not even look the slightest bit like a sport. Most movies make it look like cheerleading is just jumping around and yelling at other sporting events. A good description of this stereotype is explained in an article from TVTropes as “From evil to slutty to dumb, any cheerleader in North American media can be expected to be portrayed as shallow and superficial, because popularity is her first and only concern.”. As a cheerleader, this is extremely frustrating. The growing cheerleading industry has been working hard to show the world what cheerleading really is about. Bring It On: In It to Win It is an interesting movie that actually portrays some of the real aspects of cheerleading. Bring It On: In It to Win It shows that cheerleading is more than just standing on the sidelines cheering for other sports. This movie shows that cheerleading can be an independent sport all in its own. I found this really exciting because many people do not even know that this kind of competitive cheerleading exists. On many different occasions when I am talking about cheerleading, people will ask me who I cheer for. It is hard for them

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