Descriptive Story Of Roller Coasters

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A roller coaster is to move, change, or occur in a dramatically changeable manner of a roller coaster. As you ride a roller coaster there are points within the ride that are a thrill and others that are a scare. When the cart starts going up to the top and you begin to get higher and higher the more anticipation that starts to build within you and the more your adrenaline starts to kick in and the higher you go the scarier it gets. The cart reaches the top and as it goes down the scarier it is as you have to go through all these twists and turns until finally, you reach the end. When the ride is over and as you are taking off your seat belt and as the lever rises up from your lap the person on the intercom says "thank you for riding life".
This is the story of a boy who has broken his arm and nose but other than that has not really experienced much in his life, but that would soon change for him. This boy is named Jackson, he was starting the eighth grade, his parents couldn't believe he was already so old and neither could he. On his first day of school going into class Jackson came to the conclusion that his classmates would be some of his closest friends from years prior. Thinking to himself about how amazing this year is going to be having all his friends within one class and how he had something to look forward to every day coming to school and that would be to see his friends. Every day for him would be the same wake-up, go to school, go home but for him, a school

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