Descriptive Volleyball Game

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It is a chilly September morning as the volleyball team piles on the bus and heads to the preseason tournament in Hoisington. Two hours later, the bus arrives, we enter the building and begin preparing for our first game. We fly past our first two opponents, beating them easily. Next, we play Hillsboro. Returning from the state tournament the year before, they have a solid team. Alex Ratzlaff is their star player. She is an excellent receiver, phenomenal hitter, and has one of the best jump serves I have ever seen. The University of Nebraska has recruited her to play for them next season. The whistle sounds and the game begins. The ball is back and forth, points being scored by both teams. The score is twenty-three to twenty-four if Hillsboro scores one more point they win the game. The ball hurls over the net off the serve, hits the arms of the opponent, and pops into the air in the perfect position for the setter. The setter tosses her arms up and sets a perfect ball to the outside hitter. It was all in slow motion. Across the net, Alex Ratzlaff propels off the floor, meets the ball, and sends it like a bullet toward the floorboards beside me. It was in bounds, so I knew I have to dig it. I throw my arms across my body toward the ball, but my legs were like trees rooted deep into the ground. As I reach for the ball, I hear a strange sound. It was like one hundred rice krispies popping in a bowl of milk. I fall to the ground in the splits position. At that moment, I

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