Descriptive Writing About Drugs

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The drugs started to take effect in the worst possible moment. My knees bunched over with every step I took, and no matter how many times I gasped for air I couldn't breath. It was useless, it felt like I was running under water. My heart was pounding in my throat, threatening to breakout of its cage and leave my mouth in the form of bile. It wasn't raining, but my cheeks were damp. Just like a river the tears flowed down my face and blurred my vision. Keeping my book on the adjacent seat, I caught a glimpse of the black-framed wall clock out of the corner of my eye for the ninth time this hour, scrutinizing the second hand, which seemed to linger an extra minute at every passing second. I took my gaze off of the clock, silently vowing to…show more content…
Girls perch on the tables like exotic birds gossiping and giggling, a football fly’s above their heads between two jocks in varsity jackets parading their toned muscles. Groups of high schoolers sit around the room laughing. Weekend has arrived and the hallways of the school were filled with tons of kids ready to go home. Every ear filled with the sound of multiple conversations going off at once, lockers opening and closing, music blasting without. I had managed to push past the constant stream of children and to the school field. The grass was damp and covered in a thin layer of frost. As I walked my footprints were embedded, leaving a piece of me in the cold ground. I saw my friends faraway chattering and fooling around. I was stuck in the wrong crowd; they are nothing like me but somehow I am still friends with them. I slowly made my way up to my “so called friends”. As I got near, a heavy silence settled over them; thicker than the uneasy tension in the atmosphere. Unsettled eyes glanced unceremoniously around at me and others tried to avoid catching any glances. “We have been waiting for you” yelled Derek. His voice was rasping, like an old man, even though his face was young.Years of smoking and alcohol abuse had made his voice sound like it had traveled via vocal chords of heavy sandpaper. My mouth is almost too dry to speak. I nod like an idiot and then croak out "Uh why were you waiting
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