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Each year my whole family goes camping at Mark Twain Lake in Hannibal, Missouri. We have done this since I was a little kid. Usually there are around 30 of us that go. It is so much fun to be outdoors and it is more fun to spend time with my whole family. We do a lot of things in the week that we are there. I can wait to tell you all about the things my family and I do on vacation each summer!
When we are at the campground we are outside the whole time except when we are sleeping in our campers. It is almost always hot outside, but you get use to it after awhile. This summer it got up to 100 degrees out… That was really hard to get use to, it was as hot as the sun. At the campground my cousins and I do a lot of things like, water fights, going
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We also go swimming everyday at the lake, because it is so hot we have to cool down. The lake is a really big, but we normally swim at the beach. When we are swimming you can feel the sand in between your toes, you can feel the fish swimming past your legs, and you can feel the refreshing water on your body. We play a lot of fun games in the water as well. We played chicken fight, football, and Marco polo. I sometimes play with my little cousin (Sawyer) in the sand because he doesn't like the water that much... I am also his favorite cousin!!! Someday's I want to swim and not play with him and he gives me one of those please-come-and-play-with-me-now looks, so I have to because I can’t say no to him! One day of the week that we are there we go to Hannibal to go shopping at all the little shops. I really enjoy that day because I get to see how the shops have changed. When I was younger the shops weren't as big and there are some newer shops. This year we went to the haunted house. ( It is by all the little shops) Most of my family went into the haunted house, before we actually went to the scary part we had to listen to a story about Tom Sawyer and Mark Twain. I was holding my little cousin
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