Desert Blood

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Since 1993, over 500 young, unfortunate, brown women have been found brutally abuse and murdered in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, across the border from El Paso, Texas, not including hundreds of others who have been missing and still have not been found. Desert Blood: The Juarez Murders (2005) by Alicia Gaspar de Alba, is a mystery novel about this 17-year crime-wave. When returns to her hometown El Paso to adopt a baby. She and her partner Brigit are ready to start a family and there are many young girls along the border who have children they cannot take care of. Coming home is difficult for Ivon because of troubled family relations, but her cousin is a social worker who can rush the process, so it seems ideal. While flying in, she reads a …show more content…

That could actually be a plus though because the one story is so horrific that the reader needs some release time away from it. One irritating aspect of the book is that de Alba includes a lot of comments in Spanish. Given the setting of the book, it's appropriate, but there are no translations for those readers who do not speak the language and the impression

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