Design And Implementation Of A Robust Tourist Tip Mobile Application

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The project is the Design and Implementation of a Robust Tourist Tip mobile application using Google Application Developer Toolkit. For a project such as this to be successfully executed, one has to study and analyze various methods that have been used in the past to determine if and how useful such approaches can be reused, similar projects/products, the differences and limitations of those existing Apps. The project will be a mobile App that can calculate tips for users per location and depending on the person to be tipped (waiter/waitress, Hotel staff or barmen/barmaid). The App is targeted at tourists because of their limited knowledge of the customs of the place they are visiting; they are more likely to find the app useful. The App…show more content…
It will also be able to convert between currencies, split total bills for groups of diners, deduct vouchers (in percentage or amount) and the possibility of giving feedback about service with the aim of error checking and assisting other users. This feedback feature will make the Apps Data storage bank useful by establishments for survey. This literature review will also discuss some basic concepts that anyone hoping to embark on a similar project has to consider, evaluate and understand. Some of these concepts are: Mobile devices and Human-Computer Interaction, Mobile Operating systems, Software development methodology, development tools, product/system testing techniques, Data storage principles, techniques and media, similar projects existing (already developed applications). This review will also explain the concept and history of tipping, how tipping has evolved and recently grown to be a more complicated and controversial topic. CONCEPT OF TIPPING Akila McConnel , a food travel expert stated in her blog post that the history of tipping started in the 16th century when guests of English mansions at the end of their visit were expected to give a small amount of money called the vial as compensation to the servants they found very helpful. She explains that by 1970, footmen, valets and gentlemen’s servants all expected vials, which led to great expenses for the guests.
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