Design Process And Generating Model Of A Knuckle Joint

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This papers shows the methodology of developing an integrated application of a design process and generating model of a knuckle joint using a Visual Basic and the SolidWorks. The methodology concentrates on the making a Knowledge Base Engineering. Where KBE helps with the storing and reusing the data by the user and it shows developing Graphic User Interface (GUI) as a KBE tool for the standard design for developing the design process and modelling of a 3D model of a knuckle joint by standard empirical relations using SolidWorks. From that interaction the user can decreasing the developing time along with the modifications of reusing same data with other parameters and generating a 3D model with the resultant parameters. There by the designer can decrease the designing time. This paper mainly concentrates on integration of two software’s Visual Basic and SolidWorks that could process could design and develop an accurate design of a knuckle joint. Index Terms — Computer Aided Design, KBE, Standard Design process of knuckle joint, Parametric Modeling, Visual Basic, Solid Works API. I. INTRODUCTION The main purpose of the ‘Design’ is to create things which will satisfy certain requirements of a user in an innovative way. Designer spends most of their time in understanding the existing designs and dealing with the challenges associated with the modifications and the improvements in the designs. Lots of engineering man hours is consumed by doing repetitive tasks of

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