Design Studio Focused On Graphic Design

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Problem In the design industry, where customers can drop you at anytime, Cre8Deisgn depends upon an operational system flow to exceed time and creative expectations in order to deliver excellent designs that attract their future customers. Cre8Design is a design studio focused on graphic design, visualization, product design, webpage design, and much more. Unfortunately, customers have criticized the lack of coordination with their design services. The administrator, in addition to other various other members of the Cre8Design team, contacts the customer providing a different set of opinions regarding their product or service. The customer is unable to clearly understand the progress of their product or service with so many varying remarks (see appendix 1). (Cre8Design, 2014) (Anderson, 2015) Problem Diagnosis The organization has an issue with collaboration, specifically the administrator’s ability to lead a customer and the creative subordinates through a project efficiently. In addition, the organization has a group dynamic issue that affects communication networks and teamwork capabilities. The situation’s organizational behavior issues fed into the efficiency of system wide operations. Based on the Account Manager’s assessment and discretion, the entire group will undergo change facilitated by an Organizational Development professional. The administrator needs to be assessed for leadership capabilities and has a duty to develop competency in order to lead the group
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