Designing A Bigger Scale Project

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Before I chose landscape architecture as a start point of my career, all I know about landscape architecture is to design things around people from small to big scale----gardens, parks, streets and urban planning. Later on I realized that I can’t just do the design from some ideas which come from my mind, research, evidence and experience are all essential preparation for design. A design idea cannot be practical without research and research cannot be practiced without design and construction. There are many aspects for research of landscape architecture, such as research for location, history, function, traffic, green space, climate and etc. Even if a tiny project such as a patio or garden, we still have a lot of research to do in order to fulfill the house owner’s wills. Don 't have to mention about design of a bigger scale project. Through half semester of learning about ecological design methods in landscape architecture, I have several my own thoughts about how research can affect design. In terms of ecological design, there are so many factors are covered before the design process and get prepared before making decisions is very important, I want to discuss about it through different factors of ecological design. Vegetation To me vegetation can be considered as one of the most important thing in ecological design, choosing the right plant species matter a lot to the design. For example, for the plant selection. One basic principle is to choose local species, which

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