Designing A Degree

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A college major is one of the most crucial and influential decisions a person will make in his or her lifetime. This important choice has the power to determine what a person will do for the rest of their life. Students across the country are challenged by this task each and every year because they are not able to find a path of study that is compatible with their ideal career and favorable interests. Traditional majors are known for providing broad educations and producing well-rounded students that are ready and able to work in various jobs. However, today it is challenging to break into the work force. Students with more specific studies are finding greater success in their job search after college. For this reason, individualized…show more content…
Individualized study students also stand out amidst numerous traditional resumes filled with common majors. (Singletary) The graph above shows the relationship between unemployment and earnings for recent college graduates. The lowest unemployment rate is 5.4% in both education majors, earning $33,000, and health majors, earning $43,000. The highest unemployment rate is 11.1% in arts, earning $30,000 (Singletary). Included on this graph are traditional and established college majors. It is plainly observed that unemployment rates are generally high. This data correlates with the idea that traditional college majors do not assure a student will begin work in their field right out of school. Students with self-designed majors are successfully finding jobs directly related to their unique studies. Individualized-study student, Anna Rogers, was very interested in the mysteries of the ocean floor, so she created underwater archaeology as a major. After graduating in 2011, she planned to pursue a career in preserving undersea artifacts and tourist sites. Megan Kolb, another individualized-study student, was interested in music, theater, dance and the production of stage shows. So, she combined all of those subjects to create her own major: performing arts management. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts, she landed a job as a project manager for a New York
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