Designing A House : The Most Important Part Of A Home

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Designing a House The most important part of a home is its foundation; without the proper foundation the entire structure could collapse. In the same way that a house’s foundation is strengthened by metal and concrete, a family’s foundation is strengthened by the love that a family shares. This may be the most beautiful achievement of all time. Like a set of floor plans, my parents constantly guided me into becoming the most beautiful version of myself possible, expecting nothing but the best from me. Although my family has encountered numerous unanticipated harsh realities of life in an imperfect world, my family, like a strong foundation, has been able to hold everything together despite the numerous forces trying to break us apart. This has created a beautiful structure that I call my home. The white Austin stone contrasts with the Kelly green fields and gradient orange sunset that creates image that will forever be cherished in my Texas raised heart. To begin the overall design of my life, my parents have created a layer that family and education must always come first. Despite having numerous trials and tribulations thrusted upon us, we have always been able to overcome and grow not only as individuals but as a whole; numerous roadblocks such as cancer, and alcoholism has had a profound impact on my transition into adulthood. The building blocks in my transition from adolescence to old age, have created in me a sensibility and craving to be nothing less than perfect. My

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