Designing A Specific Niche On The Web Development Domain

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However, this system does have its drawbacks – beginners will not know what courses are important and useful and this is where pre-structured courses have an advantage over Lynda’s course style. On the other hand, if your aim is to specialize in a specific niche in the web development domain, Lynda will definitely provide a suitable course for you to pursue. Their most popular courses are: Web Career Clinic and the HTML Essential Training. Price: The basic plan without project files, quizzes, and code practice is priced at $19.99/month and the premium plan with all features costs $29.99/month. 2.5. Treehouse Web Design Team Treehouse offers courses in a novel and well-curated format, arranging course content in a way that will allow you to gain knowledge without having to worry whether you are missing out on any important parts of web development. Their specialized courses are named ‘Techdegrees,’ and are structured in a way that enables students to understand the basics behind core web languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS and PHP. However, since courses such as the Front-End Web Developer Techdegree and the Full-Stack JavaScript Developer Techdegree are comprehensive and go over the absolute basics of web design in addition to advanced topics, these courses are estimated to take around 6-8 months to complete. Moreover, this style of online courses is a great way for even beginners to garner enough web development knowledge to build websites from the ground up if they

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