P1 Unit 2 Years

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In my spare time I would practise using software’s such as: Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver to develop my skills at school and outside of school. This is essential at the moment due to the fast changing pace of ICT as well as companies relying on the computers to complete tasks more easily.
Studying A-levels Information Technology has meant that I am able to learn skills, which I can further develop during my time at the university, which has also expanded my knowledge.The tasks I carried out were to create a website on Dreamweaver using HTML, where I have learned substancial amount in school for web page designing particularly enjoyed spending my free time doing extra work, which the teacher has not set and it was optional. This included using Adobe Photoshop and Excel to edit photos and make them appealing. As well as I have used Excel to create spreadsheet for my …show more content…

I will fund the money by working part time so I am not affected financially. Above all, I am hoping to achieve skills so I am able to go back to university and have a clear understanding.
Lastly, I have a desire to have a career as a software developer after I have completed my studies. This will ensure that I have learnt new possessions continuously and become aware of the updated technologies. After completing my degree, I would be provided the perfect platform to help me to excel in my career. Computer Science provides with self-assessments which allows the learner with options to work intellectually, therefore a course such as this, would be excellent.
Overall, I am hardworking, assertive and enthusiastic about ensuring that I achieve my goals and would like to progress further in order to become a computer scientist . I am looking forward for the challenges ahead during my time at the university- both socially and

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