Essay on Designing an Engaging Classroom Enviornment

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1. I would first take into thought the physical enviroment, I would want the class to be well lit and inviting. I would want their to be designed areas for play, or experiements, and even space for children who just need some quiet time. I would want the posters on the wall to either be of the kids art work or of their families and homelife. I would want to make the classroom as child based as possible. I would make sure all the toys are age appropriate, if they're infiant to toddlers I'd give them toys that are more based around developing their fine motor skills, older children I would give them more toys that they have to think while playing with to help them develop cognatively. I would want the craft area to be well stocked with…show more content…
I have always been a strong believer in schedules and letting the children know their schedule, and trying to avoid changing it as much as possible, making sure children are given time warnings and are aware that they are getting close to one activity ending and another one begining. As for the interpersonal enviroment, I would like to make it so everyone gets along. That the coworkers and families feel they are valued and that what they say is appreciated and taken into account. I want the entiretly of my enviroment to be a sfae space, allowing everyone to be free to say whats on their mind, for the children to feel safe enought to be able to be themselves and free safe. and I want everyone who comes into my classroom to feel respect from me, these parents are entrusting their child to me and I want them to know this is a safe space for them and their child. 2. In my dream classroom, I would love to have a huge corkbored wall, where children and families can come in and decorate at the start of each school year, and as the year goes on children can add their artwork or more pictures that they decided to bring in. Id love to just have this space be a place where children can express who they are and who their families are and what their background is. Also during the holidays I would love to talk a little about as many cultures as we can during this time, if we have families who celebrate a certain
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