Desire : Nature 's Forbidden Fruit

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Desire: Nature’s Forbidden Fruit
Desire is a powerful force that shapes the choices and actions people make every day. It is a concept that humanity is infatuated with, a puzzle to be deciphered on whether it is a truly good force or something that will only lead to a person’s own self destruction. Both the Bhagavad-Gita and Genesis, cornerstones of literature with their fascinating views of humanity, warn that the path down desire is a crooked one that will only lead to misery. The shrewd wisdom these books are infused with is how desire will lead to one’s downfall and ultimately leave a person feeling unfulfilled after having a bite. It may be nature’s forbidden fruit, but it is so for a sane reason.
The Gita is a book of things one must do in order to live a prosperous and righteous life as dictated by Krishna. It acts as an advice book from an all-powerful god speaking to Arjuna, who represents the human soul and someone the reader can identify with. The importance of this is so the story is not some fairy tale of an incomprehensible, almost godlike man seeking advice form an even higher deity. Instead, it is an everyday man who needs help and guidance from someone wiser than him which is a much more relatable picture that the reader can identify with and in doing so, take the advice Krishna is giving and apply it to their own life. Throughout all his teachings, one of the basic guidelines Krishna emphasizes is this concept of desire. Desire is characterized as a…
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