Despicable Me Movie Review

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Aglibot, Dianne A.
Math 100
October 14, 2010

Film Review: Despicable Me

As a fan of Pixar’s genius, I really sought out to see this movie as soon as it came out. But before that, I exhausted all of the film’s hilarious and engaging theatrical trailers. I also went out of my way to read a couple of the movie’s review. It might not have garnered not-so-good ratings but the plot, the cast, and also a bit because of the music all made me finally decide to go check it out. No one out there would think that being a super villain is hard. Especially when he has thousands of yellow globular minions who are perpetually loyal and ready to help him achieve his next evil plot. All he needs is his freeze ray gun, a pet that …show more content…

I saw it non-3D so I won’t know if it was better viewed that way. The movie lacks action though, so 3D may not really live up to the film.

I don’t know if it’s the film but I realized I’m not one for family-oriented animated films. The substance of the comedy of Despicable Me is just too juvenile for me. Some of the antics of the characters like the minions and the orphan kids were cute but was overly repeated and so bordered on annoying. The plot in itself lacks the smooth connections with minute storylines. I really thought that Gru’s relationship with his mother would be a big part of the story but I was utterly disappointed. The introduction of the kids also added to the disorganization of the plot. It wasn’t believable that the only way to get back at Vector and steal the shrink gun was to adopt the kids. Gru's developing relationship with the girls also doesn't fit all that well with the supervillain rivalry plot, and the script bounces somewhat haphazardly between family bonding and Gru's scheming in the basement.

I did make the big mistake of watching too many trailers as well as the ‘the making of Despicable Me’ since it basically shows every essential storylines of the movie. I also spoiled myself with the crucial punch lines of the movie when they already appeared on every trailer. I was left looking for more as I sat out the more-than-an-hour long film. A family may have enjoyed the

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