The Theme of Despicable Me directed by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud

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The movie Despicable Me directed by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud was released in 2010. The movie is about an evil villain named Gru, who is the protagonist. Gru comes up with a wicked plan to steal the moon. To succeed in his plan, he needs the help of three little girls who he adopts. These three little girls turn his world upside down, showing him he can be a loving father. These girls change his heart. Coffin and Renaud have used film and narrative techniques to illustrate the theme that good can overpower evil. They also explore the themes, anyone’s heart can be changed by love and how important it is to have a loving family. The directors present these themes through the characters and events of the film.
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The events of the film highlight the even a very evil villain like Gru can feel love towards other. Gru, once any evil villain finds him loving the three orphaned girls and does not want to be separated from them. The directors show this is not part of his usual nature as the camera dwells on his embarrassment. In the scene where Miss Hattie has collected the girls and is driving away, Gru feels sad and lonely, like a piece of his heart has been ripped out of his chest. His feelings for the three little girls proved to him that he can be a loving father in a number of scenes. For example, when Agnes wants the unicorn teddy and the man tricks them. Gru uses one of his weapons to destroy the alien ship and win the teddy. Another example is when the minions are cleaning the walls that bear the drawings from the three little girls, Gru feels sad as they are erasing the memories he shared with them. Gru who used to be an evil, tough emotionless villain has changed his ways and has learnt to love. This proves that even the hardest of hearts can be softened.
The third theme, the importance of having a loving family is conveyed by Coffin and Renaud. Having a family is filling the missing pieces in Gru’s life. The directors chose the character of Gru as he is an outsider, not a family man. The three little girls are also chosen as they form a ready-made family for him. In one scene, Gru is remembering the moments in his childhood when his mother made a nasty comment and

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