Destination: Personal Narrative Analysis

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Most would say that the journey is important. However, I believe that the Destination is the most important. I feel as if the journey wouldn't be there if not for the destination. Without a destination there would be no journey. If I was supposed to walk down to my local grocery store and there was no grocery store how was the journey successful. I did not receive what i went to get. I did not buy anything of importance to me. This same concept goes for anything else too. A desert tribe needs to go down to a close lake for water or to hunt if there are animals there. This tribe of desert people faced three headed jaguars, desert panthers, and lions but, by the time they reached the lake it was dried up and completely useless. On the other hand, this journey was successful because they were able to get food for the desert tribe which was on of the goals. This fact makes journey successful. …show more content…

When the man arrives at the store, there are none of these things are there. On the way to the store the man had avoided a drunk driver, successfully was able stop at a red light after that, and avoided an oblivious pedestrian. These examples voice the fact that without a destination the journey means nothing. Every day situations like these may or may not happen once in a blue moon but, they prove that without a destination or the objective the journey means absolutely

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