Detailed Reflection Of Music

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1. Detailed description of public school partner’s use of lesson plan stages to organize instruction.
This science lesson Mrs.Coan started with asking students if they played any musical instruments. These questions served as an engaging strategy to direct students’ attention on the thinking about the sound and the ways the sound travels. One of the students shared that he was learning to play piano. So right away Mrs. Coan’s question was: “What do you think affects the sound that is coming out of the piano?” Another child shared that he knew how to play guitar. With the series of questions Mrs. Coan guided children to the fact that length and strength of the sound depended on the size of the instruments, vibration and strength we would be approaching the strings or keys. Next, she announced that they were about to evaluate the sound that was coming out from the two different tuning forks (big and small). After this, the teacher used the question to check the existing schema of the students and ask who could help her with the definition of hypotheses. Then, with the help of the students, she wrote down the hypothesis on the board about the length and strength of the sound generated by the big fork. So we can see here how visual strategy was incorporated into the lesson.
She divided children into 5 groups and presented each group with the set of two tuning forks. Mrs.Coan utilized the modeling strategy by demonstrating to the students how the experiment was supposed to be

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