Determination In Homer's Undertale

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Determination, a trait that may be revealed when going through a difficult time, is the central theme of 2016’s hit Indie RPG, Undertale. Determination is a firm or fixed intention to achieve a desired end. Undertale is far from the only story to use determination as a theme. I would argue that it’s actually one of the most common themes in any medium of storytelling. Nearly every successful story, from Harry Potter to Homer’s Epics, contain some semblance of determination in their protagonists, and they should. Determination, the ability to see a future and make it happen, is one of humanity’s identifying traits. We are not the strongest or the fastest animals in the world, but we rose to the top thanks to thumbs and our ability to change the way that the world works. Our libraries and theaters are full of tale after tale of mankind against overwhelming odds and somehow finding a way. It inspires. It gives us hope. This desire to shape the future is a universal compulsion. It drove leaders centuries ago, and it drives political movements to this day. Determination is real, it’s powerful, and it’s nothing new. Undertale just took it deeper than any game I can think of. Undertale’s…show more content…
Stories tend to be told in a very black-and-white manner, where doing the right thing is rewarded with nothing but sunshine and rainbows. After you’ve beaten Asgore into submission, you can choose to spare him. But if you do, all you’ve done is left him vulnerable to another assassin. You leave a void that Flowey is only too happy fill. By choosing Pacifism, you make accomplishing your goals harder. By never crushing those in your way, you never gain strength, and those in your way only get more difficult. Of course, the hard thing is often the thing worth doing, and finally reaching the TRUE Pacifist ending of Undertale gives an incredible
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