Determining The Ph Of Household Items

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Determining the pH of Household Items
March 22, 2016: Sara, Sam
Introduction: Everyday household items can be seen as just “household items”. However, it is often not realized that we could actually determine the pH very easily. It could also be important to know the pH in everyday life. For example, it is important to keep track of human pH levels. Some people are curious to see the pH of their own body, which is a great use to keep acidic levels leveled. Another use in real life is determining the pH of pools. Whether it’s your own or a public pool, pH indicators come in hand to make sure the pool is sanitary and safe. pH indicators are indicators that contain halochromic synthetic compound which is added to a solution so that it can be resolved outwardly. With a pH indicator, a pH scale comes along with it. The purpose of a pH scale is to determine whether products/items are either basic, acidic or neutral. This scale could be a number scale or a colour scale. An acid can be defined a compound that forms hydrogen ions when dissolved in water and can be found at 0-6 on the pH scale. Typically acids can be found as sour, reacts with metals and turns litmus paper red. A base however, is the opposite of an acid. It is a compound that forms hydroxide ions when dissolved in water, and accepts hydrogen ions. It can be found at 8-14 on the pH scale. A base can be identified as bitter, slippery and dangerous to humans if it 's strong. If a substance is a 7 on the pH scale, it…
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