Determinism And The Part It Plays With Free Will

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Determinism is an idea that states that everything can be explained because it has an adequate reason for being the way it is rather than a different way, meaning that the world has natural laws and everything happens for a reason. This is important as many philosophers have argued between the extent of determinism and the part it plays with free will, taking the claim that if our behavior is governed by natural causes, we are not morally free. Everything will happen due to reasons that have built upon themselves and bringing forth an effect, which then brings about more causes. This is taking the case of hard determinism. This issue is very significant when talking about ethics, as blame and morality surround free will, and if we do not have free will can we be held responsible for our actions? Before we blame a person we must decide if they could have refrained from what they did or if it was inevitable due to causal determinism. I believe that free will and fatalistic/ determinism both have an effect on our human lives and the way we make our choices, contributing to our moral freedom.
Determinism does not necessarily mean we make no choices; simply put, it is that we make our own choices and decisions and they are part of the causal process whereby we create further effects in the world, leading to inevitable causes. Leucippus believed that nothing occurs randomly; everything has a specific reason. An argument for the claim is that determinism deprives us of the power…
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