Deterrence And Rational Choice Theory

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Throughout the world crime is happening every single day. Yes, some people may feel as if the deterrence theory does not work. Due to the fact that crime still happens in the world. This essay will look at the support for the theory. As well as the key problems for the theory. Next, it will explain some of the newest directions in deterrence/rational choice theory. Finally, it will either agree/disagree with someone’s thought on deterrence and how it does not work and is a waste of time to study. Deterrence and rational choice are two different things. Deterrence is used to punish those who disobey and in return help deter others from committing the same crime. While rational choice is when the individual thinks about the cost and the benefits of them committing this crime (Cornish and Clarke, text CH 34). Deterrence and rational choice tend to work pretty well on young adults. For example, if a teenager sees his friends face time in prison for committing an act of violence. That may deter them from committing the same crime or something similar. Reason is that they possibly think of the pros and cons of each situation and how the effect it could have on family. Also where deterrence and rational choice work could not be define. Due to the fact that judges interpret the law, and do not have a across the board rule and sentencing guideline to help them make a decision. Deterrence and rational choice does have some problems. One problem is that there is no way to tell if
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