Theories And Rational Choice Theory

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This paper will cover two criminological theories and they will be applied to two types of criminality. The two theories chosen for the paper were developmental theory and rational choice theory. The two types of crimes that were chosen were organized crime, specifically focusing on gangs, and terrorism. Then the crimes will be compared and contrasted. Finally, the developmental theory will be applied to organized crime to explain why and how it happens. The rational choice theory will be applied to terrorism to explain what compels individuals to attempt this form of criminality.
Organized Crime (Gangs)
The definition of organized crime is “crime committed by groups engaged in planned and sustained criminal activities” …show more content…

Terrorism has been conducted throughout the world on numerous occasions. The groups that perform these actions come from multiple countries from all over the world. The United States even has some forms of terrorist groups and individuals. One of the biggest terrorist attacks was the destruction of the Twin Towers carried out by Al-Qaeda. Also recently there has been attacks in Paris and Great Britain, which were ISIS’s plan. The biggest terrorist organizations include the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and quite recently ISIS. The Taliban was founded in 1994, by Mullah Mohammed Omar, and they kill people in the name of jihad. Al-Qaeda was founded by Osama Bin Laden and also kill for jihad. Finally ISIS was founded recently hand continues to grow rapidly. They kill indiscriminately and how they see fit (Ppcorn, n.d.).
Compare Organized Crime and Terrorism Organized crime and Terrorist groups are very similar in many ways. They both are structured with well thought out organization and are multi-leveled, just like a corporation would be. Both are involved with illegal business activities. This includes the smuggling and selling of drugs, kidnapping, and human trafficking. The members of the groups are normally deviant with their behavior. They consist or aggressive, violent, and dehumanizing natures. They feel satisfaction from killing innocent people and striking fear in the individuals that oppose

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