Deterrence Theory Of The Criminal Justice System

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Unit 2 DB1
Deterrence Theory Deterrence theory has many ideas as to what constitute deterrence. Some researchers think that it is the main purposes of our criminal justice system. They do agree that it is the main goal when it comes down to discouraging society from committing criminal deeds. Because, of fear of punishment for committing a crime. Some researcher would have you believe that the most powerful deterrent we have is our criminal justice system, because they are the ones that will make sure that violators will be punish swiftly if they break the law. Well, “this is unrealistic to believe that any criminal justice system could ever accomplish this goal, no matter how many law enforcement resources were dedicated to achieving it” (“Deterrence”, n.d.). Therefore, “deterrence theory of crime presumes that individuals are rational enough to consider the penalties for their actions and to be influenced by those consequences” (“How Much Do”, 2010, p. 782). Also if the punishment is not swift and certain, then the individual will assume that there are no consequences for their action, and might commit another crime, meaning that they will feel if I got away with it once can get away with it again, and might decide to increase their criminal activities. Thus “far, it seems like the deterrent effect of severe punishment is moderated by swiftness and certainty” (“Theories of Causation”, n.d., p.84).
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