Developing A Self Care Plan

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Developing a self-care plan is an essential tool within the health care profession. Not only does a plan help create balance in one 's life, but it also assists in maintaining professional standards as a service provider. In this type of work can be taxing on an individual 's mental, physical and spiritual mentality, as such, can affect the mannerism in which a professional engages with their clientele. As a social workers it is our responsibility to maintain the ethical values of our profession. The following is a discussion of my intended self-care plan for the remainder of this semester in order to sustain my commitment and values to my clients as a professional. As well, to help maintain my own stability in my personal life and in achieving my goals for this semester.
The Ingredients
Social work, for me, was a profession I found to bring forth my passion for working with people and helping them. The values I have, aligned closely with that of the social work profession. Caring about standards of humanity and caring for others, also a sense of personal responsibility to help those that needed assistance. Further, a passion for social justice and equality of care and services for all individuals regardless of circumstances, inclusive of individuals who have committed offenses or in odds with social norms. These principles are the driving force in why I chose social work.
Regulation is an instrument I often utilize with clients during sessions and

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