Developing A Team Environment And Share Knowledge

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Proven capacity to work in a team environment and share knowledge One particular experience demonstrates my ability to work in a team environment. A major assessment task for my post-graduate unit on intelligence practices was to develop a well-researched, quality intelligence brief, similar to what would be given in a real-world intelligence agency. Assigned into self-managed groups of ten people, we were to operate independently. In this environment, I developed and maintained an effective working relationship between myself and the other group members. From the outset I operated in a leadership role, coordinating and administering the group’s efforts. I accepted this responsibility as others were intimidated by the perceived burden of leadership I consulted with the group and developed a project timeline that best fit everyone’s availability, project constraints and unit objectives. I consolidated and communicated progress to the course supervisor, and ensured they remained informed during the project. I facilitated and managed clear communication within the group and this resulted in an initially effective working relationship with the other group members. I did this by using culturally-sensitive communications practices and by ensuring every team member was able to provide input, such as establishing a WhatsApp group. When necessary, I stepped in and assisted team members in their tasks, but as much as possible I encouraged team members to take ownership of the project
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