Developing Dangerous Health Consequences By Sylvia Guendelman

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develop dangerous health consequences, an many people taken advantage of, causing social problems. According to the American Journal of Public Health, written by Sylvia Guendelman, PhD professor at University of California, Berkley graduate in health services and policy analysis, and Monica J. Silberg, high levels of pressure in maquiladoras have been associated with generic symptoms such as gastric disorder, depression, menstrual problem, and mass hysteria. Health problems depended on what industries the worker dealt with. “Pulmonary and eye problems, dermatitis, hand injuries, and musculoskeletal disorders have been like had been reported among textile and apparel workers. Eye irritation, visual acuity loss, headaches, nervousness, and allergies, and adverse pregnancy outcomes have been identified among electronic assembly plant workers. (Guandelman, Silberg 37)” Many people risk their health conditions for cheap salaries. Women were mostly abused, due to the fact that they were uninterested in joining unions (so they became an easy target). The Mexican government failed to protect women from pregnancy. In many maquilas they report to have screening to pick out the pregnant women out. These workers’ minimum wage has been so low that is insufficient to maintain a family. According to Richard D. Vogel’s , retires professor who focusses in social and political issues, article Stolen Birthright: The U.S. Conquest and Exploitation of the Mexican People, he quotes that, “wages

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