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Mass Media: Development and Literacy
Tiffany L Alexander
August 21,2017
Allyson Wells

Mass Media: Development and Literacy

Throughout history there has always been a need to communicate efficiently and quickly. The need to get our point across to a huge amount of people became very hard so we had to find better ways of doing so. Media outlets have changed so much over the past decade it’s amazing and shocking how differently we are able to communicate now then we were in 1917 or even the 1980’s.
Since the early 1900 technology has advance tremendously, the things we can do with the internet and hand-held devices is mind boggling compared to where we started from. I would say that the first mass media outlet was the publication on new papers which was able to reach out to more than a small town. After newspapers magazines became the social portion people looked to magazines to find out what was going on in the entertainment world. After that came Radio broadcasting. Families would sit around the radio to here news stories and stories being acted out for them. The next step up television in the begin it was rare to have a television in your home but between the 50’s & 60’S the popularity of the television skyrocketed. In the late 70’ early 80’s we wanted to be able to move around more and do more. With the introduction of Computers, we were able to collect and store more data but getting the information to everyone that needed it was still a challenge. Once

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