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Michael did have a first word and his first word was dog. At 19 months the preschool reported that Michael is not aggressive with other children, however, he may need more social interaction with kids his age. He has a secure attachement with the parent and more communication is needed between him and his parents. He is also able to warm up to new people and his memory and language skills are superb. He can now read aloud frequently and recall events well. Michael needs to be exposed to more indoor and outodoor activites, but his motor skills are on par for his age. Lastly, his attention span is normal for his age with the ability to focus on one task for 10-15 minutes. 1. At 8 months Michael was able to find the object demonstrating object permanence, however, he would frequently check the old hiding spot even though the object was hidden in a new place. This demonstrates that he is in the sensorimotor stage of development, but exhibits cognitive disequilibrium when he cannot find the oject in the old hiding place. At 12 months Michael attempts to crawl up the stairs, so they are blocked off. At this age Michael is becoming more actively exploratory with no thought of danger as in Piaget's sensorimotor phase. Also at …show more content…

I was not surprised by anything at the developmental assessment at 19 months. Some aspects of Michael's development that needs work are his fine motor skills, this may be due to me focusing more on his gross motor skills by taking him to parks to do outdoor activities. Also I noticed that Michael would play with building blocks and stack them in the same way everytime, therefore this may contribute to his lack in motor skills. I also need to improve Michael's attention span by encouraging him to concentrate interesting tasks and he needs to interact with other children his age more which will be aided by his enrollment into pre school. Lastly, more time outs need to be implemented to correct his slightly aggressive interactions with other

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