Developmental Theory And Delinquency In Children

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The developmental theory is the view that delinquency occurs throughout the individual’s life span. An individual is more likely to become a delinquent, due to interactions and environmental influences (Siegal & Welsh, 2015). Sheldon and Eleanor’s conducted longitudinal studies that would determine the aspects that contribute to a life persistent offender (Siegal & Welsh, 2015). Their research focused on children, and their relationships. One of the main factors that determined delinquency in children, was the connection and relationship with their parents (Siegal & Welsh, 2015). If an individual came from a family that did not interact a lot or parents who do not discipline them when they did something wrong, it was more likely for the child to engage in delinquent behavior (Siegal & Welsh, 2015). On the other hand, they also researched the biological and psychological aspects that could also determine delinquent behavior. They found that individuals who were overweight, had poor education, and low self-esteem were more likely to becoming future offenders (Siegal & Welsh, 2015). Overall, taking all of the information into consideration, the research conducted by Sheldon and Eleanor did indeed influence the developmental theory. The developmental theory in general is the idea that delinquency is developed by the individual’s …show more content…

One example, would be the increase in teenage pregnancies. There are a lot of young females and males that become parents at an age where they are not fully matured. Therefore, some not all, don’t show emotional or physical support towards their child, due to their parents not showcasing that same love and affection towards them. So this often leads to neglect. Furthermore, the research conducted by Sheldon and Eleanor about parental ties does in fact apply to problems we are facing today, such as teen

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