Deviance And Deviance And Normalistic Ideas Of Advertising

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Introduction In America, most modern beauty and personal hygiene commercials focus on promoting Dominate Ideas of culturally determined idealistic images of both the male and female body. These commercials typically exclude minority groups and encourage viewers to strive to meet nearly impossible goals of physical perfection. However, a few such companies are moving past this tactic in an attempt to expand their audience to include a wider variety of people and worldviews. AXE body spray is one of these groundbreaking companies. In their 2016 Find Your Magic ad, AXE ditched their previous advertising techniques and instead focused on promoting an inclusive message that catered to a variety of marginalized groups, such as LGBTQ members, racial minorities, and those with disabilities, in an effort to normalize and celebrate them. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the unique perspective of the Find Your Magic ad through an ideological lens, a perspective that focuses on commonly held and normalized cultural beliefs, using the SEARCH tool and such concepts as emergent discourses, deviance, and liberal pluralism. Analysis Deviance and Normality In America, dominate ideas, or commonly held beliefs, regarding beauty consist mainly of the notion that there is a very narrow window of normality. The media advertises that in order to be attractive physically and socially you must be tall, thin, light skinned, well abled and sexually appealing to those of the opposite gender.

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