Deviance Essay

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A key component of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is exercise. Working out helps control body fat and can prevent certain health conditions and diseases. As people are captivated by the goal of having a healthy and muscular body, this obsession can lead to the deviant behavior of bodybuilding. A deviant behavior is an act that departs from the usual or accepted social standards. Questions that many ask are, “Why do bodybuilders want to have a body that is so abnormal? As well as, why do they exercise so often?” Bodybuilders workout excessively in the face of societal norms that promote exercise in moderation. In the article, “Outsiders, Defining Deviance,” written by Howard Becker, Becker details the concept of deviance and …show more content…

Ultimately, it depends on the situation whether a person is viewed as abnormal. In addition, in the piece called, “Subculture: The Meaning of Style,” written by Dick Hebdige, he explains how subcultures, like bodybuilding, separate themselves from the general population and become outsiders. He analyzes the subculture as an organization that is different from the mainstream culture. Hebdige defines style as, “A form of refusal and area in which the opposing definitions clash with most dramatic force” (Hebdige 3). The style is the phenomenon where subcultures differ from the mainstream and attempt to further themselves from it. The author explains that the meaning of culture is very ambiguous. Hebdige states, “The meaning of subculture is, then, always in dispute…The word ‘subculture’ is loaded down with mystery. It suggests secrecy, masonic oaths, an Underworld. It also invokes the larger and no less difficult concept of ‘culture’” (Hebdige 4). Hebdige goes into depth of ideology that is present in subcultures. Ideology is the belief system by which a person or culture lives. Ideology is present in all aspects of life. The author goes into depth about how the ideas of the hegemonic class determine the rules of the society. When the ideology of a subculture does not mesh with the ideology of the hegemonic class, they choose to rebel by adopting their own way of life. Bodybuilding can be

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