Deviance Is Any Action That Are Perceived As A Violation

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Deviance is any action that are perceived as a violation of some widely accepted value of the social group or culture. Deviance can be defined as a behavior that contradicts the standard of living in that social group. What is deviant in one society is not really degenerate into another. Deviance is a matter of a social definition. It only exists in relation to a social norm that prevail. Different social orders all through the world characterize themselves by an arrangement of shared regular qualities. These qualities shape, the reason for typicality inside those social orders, however they don 't really have any impact on recognition outside of those social orders. The things that don 't fall inside that typicality turn into deviance.…show more content…
Moral Entrepreneurs Rules are the products of someone’s initiative and those who exhibit that are moral entrepreneur. The moral entrepreneur is an individual, group or formal organization that seeks to influence a group to adopt or maintain a norm. Moral entrepreneurs are those who take the lead in labeling a particular behavior and spreading or popularizing this label throughout society (Becker, 1963). Moral entrepreneur can be categorized into two groups, rule enforcers and rule creators. As referred to in my last paper Rule enforcers such as teacher, moral campaigner, religious leader, newspaper editors and policemen, are constrained by two motivations, the need to confirm their own part, and the need to win regards in interaction. The enforcer is armed with a great deal of discretion and may use his/her power to label an innocent person in order to gain respect (Becker, 1963). Rule Enforcers demand respect, if not its difficult for them to focus on their work or feeling of security will disappear. Rule enforcers pick and chose the most necessary incident to handle not just handle any and all of it. Rule creators is a person that is just in power who operates to have a definite deviant conduct banned moreover believes that their task is a sacred one. That goes to show that rule creator, is just people who want to imply their selves’ belief onto others. Becker (1963:148) claims that rule creator can be viewed as crusaders, who are concerned
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