Chapter 7 Deviance And Social Control (25 Points)

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Chapter 7, Deviance and Social Control (25 points) 1. a. deviance is any behavior or physical appearance that is socially challenged or condemned because it departs from the norms and expectations of a group (154) b. Deviant is relative because an act may be considered as deviant when a large number of people contempt it. Under the right circumstances and depending on the culture and time, any behavior may become a deviant. c. During China’s Cultural Revolution, children were allowed to correct their parents. Now, in China and in the US, it is not acceptable and is considered as a deviant. It is because the children are too young to aware the problems. They have not much life experience as the adult and are believed to not able …show more content…

a. In the US, if an individual uses a high-toned to talk, that person is considered to be aggressive and want to have an argument. In Viet Nam, people can use high toned voice to highlight their opinions and others do not feel offended. When I was working, I changed my voice a little bit when a customer forgot to pay her meal. A worker came toward me and used Vietnamese to tell me about this norm. He was born in the US, therefore, he knows about these unwritten rules. At the end of the shift, we talked about this accident and he was not surprised at all as he is a Vietnamese-American guy. b. What did you learn about deviance and your own culture from this interview? (2 points) Deviance is relative. An act is considered as a deviance in one culture and may not in another culture. Each culture has its norms, beliefs, and values. 4. -White collar crimes are crimes committed by those with high status, respectable positions as they carry out the duties and responsibilities of their occupation (175) Example: corrupt politicians use money from public constructions for personal budgets. -Corporate crimes are crimes committed by a corporation through the way that it does business as it competes with other companies for market share and profits

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