Deviance, Social Device And Social Control

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Deviance and Social Control No one person is born evil or born to be a criminal. We all come into this world with innocent, curiosity, the need for love and with both heart and mind empty and ready to be filled and nurtured. We as humans love to believe that we are in total control of our future and that we can change what we want to change but we’re wrong. There are two things in this world that determine who we are going to be and what we do and they are social factors and society. Society sees each and everyone of us a certain way and only that way. Society labels, separates, and determines who we are going to be with social factors. Social factors are things that affect ones lifestyle and these “things” are usually ascribed (given to …show more content…

The labels that were put onto these two gangs had a more powerful than anyone ever knew. The Saints labeled as good boys having a little fun made a future and a life for themselves and the things they did in high school were behind them. However the Roughnecks labeled as delinquents that wouldn’t amount to anything triggered a self-fulfilling prophecy for most of them. Two out of the six made a life for themselves while the others went to prison, became gamblers and generally became what society saw than as, deviants. In today's society the words race, gender, social class and wealth are the leading social factors responsible for singling people out for negative labeling. In high school, at WSU, at UW and out in the world these words determine your label, a delinquent, a success, a criminal, or a deviant. The people that are most likely to be labeled as a deviant are colored, male, little to no money, minimal education and come from broken families. When society treats you as deviant and cut off your opportunities to be anything other than devient, you increase the chances that you will become a deviant and commit deviant acts. There are two different types deviance, the first is primary deviance and the second is secondary deviance. Primary deviance is a deviant act that is committed for a all types of reasons (to fit in, to survive, for the thrill ect.) which we may or may not understand. Secondary deviance is best described as “ a deviant

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